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The first quarter of Youci Technology's online marketing class successfully concluded

2017-03-09 17: 19: 39 / Popularity 195

第一季的友词课堂 圆梦落幕了。 In the first season of August 6, the Friendship Class ended in a dream. Mr. Liu Jiazhen, Mr. Liu showed a lot of details from theory to practical topics on the topics that everyone is most interested in.

Everyone at WeChat is playing. When more and more people have the idea of WeChat marketing, they see that this is the step they must take now. A lot of things that seem to be lacking in Chen Kewen's seemingly reasonable theory don't really mean much to us.

Before making a WeChat public account, we need to be clear about our positioning. What are the target customers? What are the subscription feature requirements? Is the post-maintenance staff's execution enough?

Only by diligently perfecting these details, no matter how small individuals will build their own brands. Since the media should make full use of the resources around them, once the user habits are established, the audience will be very stable.

The large macro operation mechanism is there. We should invest more energy in product content and user interaction to improve operation and promotion. WeChat is a good social software. The content captures the needs of users, it is enough to catch the eye, and with topics, naturally someone will help you spread it.
Thinking in other places, can we be attracted by our own promotion? We can retain customers with high-quality content and good interaction. Use your own creativity to create a great experience for users. After all, it is the era of nutrition for all people who lack nutrition. What customers see is only services and products.

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