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2016 e-commerce network marketing class ends at Fuyang Administration College

2017-03-09 17: 19: 20 / Popularity 150

On April 14, 2016, Fuyang School of Administration specially invited Mr. Liu Jiazhen, chairman of Anhui Youci Network Technology Co., Ltd., as the teacher of the class, on the subject "Internet network marketing, network marketing training". In a relaxed and witty tone, Mr. Liu outlined the current concept of online marketing. The students confronted in groups, were entertaining, and the classroom atmosphere was active.


Teacher Liu Jiazhen has been engaged in the Internet industry for ten years and is a senior expert in network marketing. In Anhui, the company first proposed the concept of an enterprise marketing 8S system with a four- core system. It assisted more than a thousand companies to improve their online marketing performance. Anhui was the first company teacher to integrate network technology with traditional marketing.


  Teacher Liu Jiazhen emphasized a point, "to dilute the Internet thinking and start the Internet + action." Many vivid mind maps made many students suddenly bright. Mr. Liu made many students who are new to e-commerce understand the concept of Internet and various internet marketing models more intuitively and specifically. Professional, calm and confident! Do it happily and look forward to it, this is the daily life of friends.


Teacher Liu mentioned the 9 series of Internet marketing many times : website traffic, traffic accuracy, link page accuracy, web content marketing power, customer service online time, online customer service professionalism, sales follow-up timeliness, business sales staff capabilities, products Service competitiveness.

Control in detail is the key to online marketing. In addition to excellence in all aspects, it is more important to have the concept of explosives strategy. The main product and main business must always be placed in an important position. Explosives are a key element in testing the success of the transformation.

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