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Network Integrated Marketing

Assemble proven online marketing approaches to increase your website visits and sales by 60%

VIP Integrated Marketing

WeChat promotion

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Online Advertising

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Soft text promotion

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Anhui Youci Network Co., Ltd. combines its more than ten years of network marketing experience and the advantages of a professional team to provide enterprises with comprehensive Internet digital operation ideas and overall network marketing solutions:

Internet advertising marketing, mobile SMS marketing, email marketing, online soft text marketing

Community network marketing, database marketing, online public relations marketing, Weibo marketing, WeChat marketing

SEM search engine marketing, SEO keyword optimization, mobile internet marketing, e-commerce platform marketing

SEO optimization promotion

SEO search engine optimization promotion is to optimize the website by means of content organization, code structure, internal and external link strategies, etc., so that the website gets higher weight and inclusion of search engines.

At the same time, the website keywords can get better rankings in search for free, improve the website exposure, and win more potential customers.

We use the characteristics and requirements of the client's website to obtain the largest number of visits from search engines with minimal investment.

Tmall Generation Operations

Tmall Mall outsourcing service actually means that when the company enters B2C platforms such as Tmall Mall, it is unable to launch the e-commerce market in a timely manner due to technical problems, insufficient operating experience, and lack of professional e-commerce merchants. Therefore, its own Taobao or Tmall Mall The business is outsourced to a third-party outsourcing company to conduct operations on its behalf, using a third-party outsourcing professional e-commerce operation team, professional e-commerce resources, and professional e-commerce talents to cooperate and provide services.

Network marketing training

The Internet wave is sweeping across the land, and many traditional industries have been greatly impacted. The Internet is becoming the core competitiveness of enterprises. And how do traditional enterprises develop online marketing and e-commerce? Why is your website not profitable? Friends of more than ten professional network marketing experts, and invited the top domestic network marketing masters and industry guests to teach you how to use the Internet thinking to develop business, combined with a variety of online marketing channels for practical training, to comprehensively help your enterprise informatization upgrade transformation .

Customer salon events

Anhui Youci Network Co., Ltd. will hold a customer salon event every two months. We will invite industry guests to communicate face-to-face with you, and conduct targeted network marketing sharing, case sharing, industry development analysis, website diagnosis and troubleshooting for participating customers. We adhere to the principle of no charge, absolutely dry goods, and no product promotion. As a value-added service, we only target old friends of Youci (all free), and each old customer can make an appointment through the Friends of Customer Service Hotline.

Website operation and maintenance

Youci website operation and maintenance provides: page maintenance (partial text modification), image advertisement design update, web spam cleaning, new page design, information maintenance, product maintenance, data translation, article writing, soft text modification, data upload, information editing And other daily maintenance, providing database import and export, database backup, data background maintenance, website emergency failure recovery, prevention of Trojans and black chains, etc.

Marketing Network

PC website, mobile website, APP client, WeChat platform with full network coverage, four platforms unified background management, unified operation of member orders, easy network marketing

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