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Fuyang's First Community Festival Selection and Awards Ceremony Held

2017-03-09 17: 16: 07 / Popularity 151

Liu Jiazhen was elected "Top Ten Most Influential Community Figures of the Year"

Today in the era of the mobile Internet, a number of social organizations with social value have emerged. In order to promote the healthy development of community work in the city, cultivate a group of meaningful, valuable, and distinctive communities, and further increase their communication and influence. On the afternoon of February 1, under the guidance of the Propaganda Department of the Fuyang Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, the selection of the "Fuyang First Community Festival" and the honorary awards ceremony hosted by Fuyang Daily and Fuyang City Network Promotion Office were held in Fucheng.


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Outstanding community leaders from Fuyang area gathered at the awards site

年度十佳最具影响力社群人物”,同时由其发起并联合创办的“徽企读书会”同时摘获“ 2015 年度十佳社群 ”殊荣。 Anhui Youci Technology and the founder of "Huiqi Reading Club" Liu Jiazhen won the "2015 Top Ten Most Influential Community Figures", and the "Huiqi Reading Club" sponsored and co-founded by him also won " 2015 Best Community "award.

It is understood that, as one of the pioneers in the Internet industry in Fuyang, Mr. Liu Jiazhen relied on years of experience and insight in the Internet and mobile new media fields, and successively founded Anhui Youci Technology, Nanjing Boshan Information and other enterprises. The industry enjoys a high reputation. Speaking of this year's selection of the "Top Ten Most Influential Community Figures of 2015" and the future development and trend of the community economy, Liu Jiazhen told reporters: "In the unprecedented era of the Internet, communities have become the most The mode of convergence of imagination and creativity will become the most precious energy source to promote the reconstruction of interpersonal relationships and the return of the human spirit.

Liu Jiazhen, the founder of Nanjing Boshan Information, Anhui Youci Technology, and Youci Media, and the founder of the Hui Enterprise Book Club. In July 2015, he launched a "Reading Action" with more than a dozen entrepreneurs who love reading. 旨在为更多的安徽本地的企业家提供一个读书、交流、探讨的新型学习社群,今后“徽企读书会”将以企业家的实际需求为导向,除了一起读书和交流外,以后还将举办专题知识讲座、组织到企业内参观考察等等。 At present, six large-scale reading and sharing activities for large members have been successively held, and successful reading exchange activities such as "intensive reading sessions", "in-depth sessions", "ideological stew", and "book boy associations" have been successfully held. The influence of the "Reading Action" has been continuously expanding. More and more local Fuyang and well-known entrepreneurs in the province have joined in succession. At the end of October 2015, the "Hui Enterprise Reading Club" was officially established, aiming to provide more local Anhui Entrepreneurs provide a new type of learning community for reading, communication, and discussion. In the future, the "Huizhou Enterprise Reading Club" will be guided by the actual needs of entrepreneurs. In addition to reading and communicating together, they will also hold special lectures on knowledge and organize to enterprises Inside visits and inspections and more. 赵思凡) (Reporter Zhao Sifan)

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