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  • Fuyang's First Community Festival Selection and Awards Ceremony Held

    2017-03-09 17:16:07 / 151

    Today, Liu Jiazhen was selected as one of the top ten most influential social figures in the mobile Internet era today, which has spawned a number of social organizations with social value. In order to promote the healthy development of community work in the city, cultivate a group of meaningful, valuable and distinctive communities,

  • "Hui Enterprise Reading Club" 6th Business Elite Chat Time Management Method

    2017-03-09 17:17:54 / 57

    Why do you always say that there is no time, hard work and laziness? The most time-saving way is to learn, why do you chop wood and refuse to sharpen the knife? Process-based records, why is it different from results-based records? Precise perception can really train

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