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The sea of the Internet is vast, and the words of your friends are navigating. Youci Technology is a big data marketing integrated planning company with integrity and innovation at its core. We provide customers with high-quality Internet operation integrated planning and interactive design services through professional processes and innovative perspectives.
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flash 动画、软件开发、数字互动、多媒体应用、触摸屏技术研发的各个领域。 A comprehensive design and marketing company with high-quality multimedia interactive production. At the same time, it also has a strong R & D team and top design professionals. It has been active in domestic high-end website design, group image website, and product display related to the online interactive creative industry Websites, mobile websites, online brand packaging, e-commerce, online word-of-mouth communication, online unified image promotion, print advertising, flash animation, software development, digital interaction, multimedia applications, touch screen technology research and development in various fields.
Establish more and better Internet brand images, provide authoritative and professional Internet brand planning, and implement high-standard design solutions, create a true brand line, and make unremitting efforts for Internet brands in the field of interactive marketing! Focused on hard work for more than ten years and honed thousands of cases.

Has a high reputation and reputation in the industry. Longer than high-quality original website design, independently developed application technology, user experience and interactive planning, large interactive website project operation, and development of complex customization requirements. IT 专业人士。 A team of high-quality, internationally-focused professional teams, from excellent website application development engineers, senior web designers, and IT professionals.

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