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How does SEO optimization work after website construction?

2019-11-25 14: 49: 32 / Popularity 79

Some companies think that after the completion of the website construction, they can achieve a certain amount of sales and can bring a steady flow of traffic. Therefore, many business owners blindly pursue the appearance of the website without paying attention to the optimization of the search engine. This is the current website construction. The main question is, how do we optimize SEO for a website?
First: do a good job of the content of the website construction. This sentence is simple, but it is not easy to do. The content of many corporate websites is either collected on the Internet or it is not updated for a long time. Some people are collecting In the process, I also complained that there was too little content about my industry. This happened mainly because the related products of the website in the early stage of the site were already prepared, and there was no relevant news information column on the website. There is no place for industry news to be published, so I recommend opening appropriate sections on the SME website for daily updates, so as to maintain the vitality of the website and the search engine will also crawl the content every day!
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Second: Optimize the external link of the website construction. In the SEO optimization industry, there is a saying that the content of the website is king, and the external link is king. The more external links of a website, the higher the website's exposure on the network. The corresponding weight will be given higher, so we must learn the website's external chain construction. For example, you can publish information about your own website on many B2B platforms, and you can also increase the external chain construction through postings on the forum. Of course, a better way. The external link construction is done by writing soft texts. For example, when each movie is about to premiere, there will be many related soft texts published by the news media. This is actually marketing soft texts, so SEO optimization must be continued. Only in this way can it have an effect, otherwise even the best website optimization methods will not see any optimization effect!
Third: It is necessary to optimize the overall structure and details of the website construction. In fact, this must be considered in the early stage of website construction. When the website is completed, it becomes more difficult to do these SEO optimization tasks, which wastes time and energy. It is said that the goals that may be achieved will be discounted, so in the early stage of website construction, future SEO optimization must be considered, such as opening up and updating website columns, optimizing website code and optimizing internal links, and building site maps. Go in, do these optimizations while building the website, so that you can get more results with less effort!
Fourth: You will choose keywords for website construction, because others find your website through search engines. First, you enter keywords in the input box, and then some websites appear based on these keywords, and the ranking of these websites The order is based on the Baidu weight of the corporate website itself. Of course, the selection of keywords is appropriate, and the corresponding competitors will be fewer, and your website will be easier to rank higher. It is estimated that there are already many people competing for some hot keywords. At this time, you can add some suffixes to the front or back of hot keywords to become long-tail keywords, which can effectively get rid of many competitors, and you can effectively avoid brutal competition by choosing the appropriate keywords!

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