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How should the website construction consider the design of the homepage?

2019-11-25 14: 42: 39 / Popularity 51

First: Website homepage design should pay attention to friendliness
If the homepage of the website can improve the friendliness, then after entering the website, users will have a significant sense of trust and will enter the website with a fair name, which can increase the user's stickiness to the website and thus the conversion rate. So how to make user friendly? The key is to improve the exquisiteness of the website pages, make a reasonable IDE design scheme, and improve the convenience of searching.
Second: precise positioning of homepage keywords
Everyone knows that precise keyword positioning is very important for seo improvement, and it is very harmful to website ranking and traffic. Homepage keywords are generally important keywords and long tail keywords. The reasonable way of keyword layout is generally that important keywords are placed on the homepage and sequential keywords are placed on the internal pages of the website.
Third: do a good homepage design and typesetting
The design and layout of the homepage must be managed according to the user's browsing consciousness. The vast majority of users browse a website page from the left and right, and start from the left. Therefore, the design and layout of the homepage can adopt the F method, so that users can see the important information at the first time. In addition, the Z method is a relatively wide range of design and typesetting methods, and webmasters can manage decisions based on detailed conditions.
Fourth: Homepage code design is key
In general, if the website is designed in a self-contained way, the number can be changed arbitrarily. If the enterprise designs and develops independently, then the high-quality design module using div CSS is used, because this module can be changed randomly, and the numbering is not very complicated, and it is very friendly to search engines.
Fifth: Home navigation design
At the time of homepage design, the guide design schemes could not be ignored. A good guide can help users quickly find their own necessary content, and the search also makes it easier to collect the website and increase the weight of the website. There are many ways to design the guide. If it is a corporate website, it is not recommended to use photo guides or special effects guides.
Therefore, if you want to do a good homepage design for your website, you can find a webpage to start from such aspects as above, which can make the website more attractive and help the business.

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