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What are the commonly used features of the 400 phone?

2019-11-25 14: 40: 45 / Popularity 65

400 phone pairs can improve the corporate image, and the automatic call distribution function can help the company to automatically transfer according to the region, which is more convenient and faster for customer service; it can adjust different phone calls according to working hours, and it will not be because the company is not on duty, and Missed call. Because now customer service issues have become more and more important to the company.
400 calls
The 400 phone can also perform call analysis, including: calling, busy, no answer times, total call duration, average call duration, and provide expert-level analysis of usage.
You can see more beautiful numbers that you can't see in the public number pool on Dafu Information 400. Each exclusive beautiful number is picked out by our staff with red eyes from thousands of number database. Our exclusive number includes most of the operators' new open numbers, which is where we are proud!

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