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What is the function of 400 phone hang up message?

2019-11-25 14: 38: 13 / Popularity 104

In fact, 400 phones have the function of on-hook SMS. Many companies don't know. This time, the information of the government will explain the function of on-hook SMS.
400 calls
The meaning of on-hook SMS is that after the customer dials our company's 400 phone, the company will send a text message to the customer's mobile phone just after the call is hung up. The customer remembers the company's information after understanding the 400 call, and it is convenient for them to be able to contact us next time.
So what can I edit when I shut down the SMS? You can edit the name of your company. Business introduction and other information, so that when users want to find us again, they can find it directly from the text message.

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