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Is it free to make a 400 call?

2019-11-25 14: 35: 50 / Popularity 132

Many friends do not know how to charge the 400 hotline, and they don't know the difference between the 400 hotline and the 800 hotline. Today Tengjin Science and Technology will give you a professional answer.
First of all, the 400 hotline is a fee. Both mobile phones and fixed phones can call the 400 hotline, and only charge local calls. Local calls are paid by the calling user, and long-distance charges are borne by 400 related companies. (Since roaming charges have been lifted, calling 400 hotline is the same as calling other domestic hotlines.)
The 400 hotline, also known as the protagonist and the called party, is a service that provides a called customer with a unique number within China and connects the call to the called customer's predetermined destination (hotline number or call center ) China's smart website business. The call cost of this service is shared by the protagonist and the called party. It is now widely used in multi-industry pre-sales maintenance service consulting.
The difference between the 400 hotline and the 800 hotline: First of all, the 400 hotline charges the city call fee, regardless of mobile phone and fixed phone. The 800 hotline can only be used by fixed telephones, and mobile phones are blocked.
When users call the 800 hotline with a landline, it is completely free of charge, without paying any fees.

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