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What should the e-commerce system website construction plan be based on?

2019-10-18 11: 25: 47 / Popularity 70

1. Make good use of stories to build content on the mall website
When constructing the content of the mall website, widely use stories to flexibly arrange the content of the mall. Apple technology is well known to us, but every product release has attracted worldwide attention and is eagerly awaited. It improves the quality of people's lives through elegant, simple and useful design. The content of its story discussion has never been Technology is design, taste and fashion. When we are building the content of the mall website, we may wish to learn from the practices of the cattle industry in the Internet industry, coupled with our novel ideas, we may be able to achieve our own mall website, integrate products and content naturally, and successfully do content marketing on the mall website.

2. Building a mall website with users as the starting point
The content of the mall website is for users to see, so the content of the mall website is created for the users, and the mall website construction plan is designed with the users and users as the starting point. What do users want to know? What makes them laugh from the bottom of their hearts? What content is beneficial to their work and life? When building a mall website, we have to think about what will prompt users to share with their friends and relatives. In the process of building website content, think about how to eliminate user concerns about the product.
3.Easily carry, search and share content on the mall website
The mall website builder is also an operation and maintenance marketer to some extent, then we must put aside the thinking model of "brand content must be officially released and controlled", and excellent content can be taken away with it, allowing users to use and read It can be downloaded anytime, anywhere, and can be shared with various social software and even offline friends anytime, anywhere. The brand content of the mall website does not need to be published on the official media.

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