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Before building a website, you need to know some basic knowledge!

2019-10-18 11: 19: 03 / Popularity 132

All companies in the Internet era need a website, but we should build the website outside the website to a third party or build it ourselves. We must understand the basic knowledge before the website and understand the basic knowledge of the website to make a better website. . Website information
A successful website often has complete corporate information, and the role of the website is to display corporate information. This information mainly comes from the company's pictures and text materials. The design is designed to vividly display the information to network customers through reasonable settings. , The more complete the preparation of the information on our website, the better the website effect will be.
Website domain name and server
In addition to the source files of the website itself, the domain name and the server are the most basic elements of the website. The domain name is used to open the website. It is the "identity card" of the website on the Internet. The domain name can be purchased by yourself or a third party. The server is It is used to store website files. The server is best maintained by professional personnel. We only need to know that the server is running stably.
Website optimization
For small and medium-sized enterprises, the website optimization function is particularly important. The writing method of the website code can be divided into search engine friendly and unfriendly. Of course, we need a website that is search engine friendly in order to get more search engine traffic. .
If you are building a website for the first time, the above is a very basic knowledge of the website that you must understand, which will allow us to better communicate with the website building service provider.

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