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How to build a keyword database for network promotion and website optimization?

2019-08-03 10: 58: 52 / Popularity 138

Many companies don't know how to build a keyword thesaurus for their websites, but it's actually very simple. Website optimization to build a keyword thesaurus is based on the following keywords.
1. Grab the keywords of competitors' websites, and research what types of keywords are in the industry and what kind of keywords are based on your industry and your own analysis.
2. Select a batch of basic keywords and set different categories for each word. The number of specific keywords depends on the industry. Basically, dozens of keywords should be selected for each category. If the industry-scale search volume is hundreds of thousands or more, the basic keywords selected in total should be at least several hundred levels.
3. Use Baidu to promote running data based on basic keywords. It is to search all the keywords we selected in the previous step with the keyword tool promoted by Baidu. Then export the data. Note: The exact matching type is required when data is exported.
4. Fill in the basic keywords based on the data results. In the process of searching and exporting data, we may find that some important words are missing from the previous basic keyword database. At this time, you need to add these words to the basic keyword database, and then repeat step 3.
5. Make a complete raw data sheet. After completing the fourth step, we will have much more raw keyword data, or just an excel form. We need to aggregate all the data in these excel tables into one table.
6. Manually adjust the classification of all data, use the Excel filtering function and then manually select a classification for each keyword, which is to add a new column of classified data. In this process, you can use the screening function to improve efficiency. This is the most tedious and complicated process in the whole process. I used to spend nearly 60 hours to sort out a keyword library with more than 30,000 words and a total search volume of nearly 2 million.

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