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[Report] Youci Technology Hosts the 9th Issue of Happy Women's Club

2017-07-25 00: 27: 58 / Popularity 160

Report] Youci Technology Hosts the 9th Issue of Happy Women Meeting

"A Family" charity course ended wonderfully!
Yesterday, the ninth issue of Happy Women's Meeting, "A Beautiful Woman, A Happy Family", was successfully completed on July 22-23 at the Fuyang Tianzhu Howard Johnson Hotel!

"Beauty, a Woman, and a Happy Family" is currently the largest public welfare course for the growth of physical, mental, and spiritual wealth in the Chinese medical and aesthetic industry!

程主办单位:幸 福女人汇, 北大觉者霏凡国际精英商学院 Organizers of this course : Happy Women's Meeting, Peking University's Enlightenment Fanfan International Elite Business School
Organizers: Royal Palace Plastic Beauty, Anhui Youci Technology, Aibi Education, Yisha Media, Beauty Yoga, 4C Cultural and Creative Group.

Speech by Mr. Liu Jiazhen, Chairman of Anhui Youci Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Instructor Ma Yongxia (Su Yizheng) will take you to understand the wisdom of the world ’s super rich; in the grand ceremony, resonate the collective energy flow to clear up your subconscious loads and obstacles; in the energy field of Qinggemanwu, help your life Complete the transformation of joy and freedom, enhance your level of consciousness; finally, incorporate such wisdom into your DNA and manifest it, so as to achieve effortless abundance.

李爱玲,马永霞老师,皇宫塑美院长鲍雪梅 Liu Jiazhen, Chairman of Youci Technology, Li Ailing, Principal of Everbright Education, Ma Yongxia, and Bao Xuemei, Dean of Royal Palace

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