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  • How does SEO optimization work after website construction?

    2019-11-25 14:49:32 / 79

    Some companies think that after the completion of the website construction, they can achieve a certain amount of sales and can bring a steady flow of traffic. Therefore, many business owners blindly pursue the appearance of the website without paying attention to the optimization of the search engine. This is the current website construction.

  • How should the website construction consider the design of the homepage?

    2019-11-25 14:42:39 / 51

    First: website homepage design should pay attention to friendliness. If the homepage of the website can improve the friendliness, then users will have a significant sense of trust after entering the website, and will enter the website justified, which can increase the user's stickiness to the website. To mention

  • What are the commonly used features of the 400 phone?

    2019-11-25 14:40:45 / 65

    400 phone pairs can improve the corporate image, and the automatic call distribution function can help the company to automatically transfer according to the region, which is more convenient and faster for customer service; it can adjust different phone calls according to working hours, and it will not be because the company is not on duty, and Leak

  • What is the function of 400 phone hang up message?

    2019-11-25 14:38:13 / 104

    In fact, 400 phones have the function of on-hook SMS. Many companies don't know. This time, the information of the government will explain the function of on-hook SMS. The meaning of the 400 phone to hang up SMS is actually that the customer hangs up after calling our company's 400 phone

  • Is it free to make a 400 call?

    2019-11-25 14:35:50 / 132

    Many friends do not know how to charge the 400 hotline, and they don't know the difference between the 400 hotline and the 800 hotline. Today Tengjin Science and Technology will give you a professional answer. First of all, the 400 hotline is a fee. You can call the 400 hotline for both mobile phones and fixed phones, and only charge local calls.

  • What should the e-commerce system website construction plan be based on?

    2019-10-18 11:25:47 / 70

    1. Use good stories to build the content of the mall website. When building the content of the mall website, use stories extensively and flexibly to arrange the content of the mall. Apple technology is well known to us, but every product release has attracted worldwide attention.

  • Before building a website, you need to know some basic knowledge!

    2019-10-18 11:19:03 / 132

    All companies in the Internet era need a website, but we should build the website externally to a third-party website company or build it ourselves. We must understand the basic knowledge of the website before we understand it.

  • What is the relationship between the website, APP, public account, WeChat mall, and applet?

    2019-10-18 10:19:30 / 104

    We may be very familiar with websites, public accounts, and WeChat malls, but we may not be clear about apps and applets, and we do n’t know what the relationship between them is. Let ’s focus on the relationship between the two: Procedure: WeChat vs. Xiao Cheng

  • Three Steps to Network Marketing Promotion: Promotion of Sales Operations

    2019-08-03 10:59:11 / 77

    Internet marketing is divided into three parts: network promotion, sales, and operation. They are mutually reinforcing and indispensable. Only when these three are done well, can it really be regarded as network marketing. Then we must first understand what is Internet marketing. We put internet marketing

  • How to build a keyword database for network promotion and website optimization?

    2019-08-03 10:58:52 / 138

    Many companies don't know how to build a keyword thesaurus for their websites, but it's actually very simple. Website optimization to build a keyword thesaurus is based on the following keywords. 1. Grab keywords from competitors' websites, and based on industry and own analysis,

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