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Fuyang mobile APP development

Adopt Native APP native development mode, high-end customization based on cloud technology

APP development refers to mobile application software development and services, also known as mobile client application development

IOS APP development

Adopt Xcode developer tools, based on native APP development mode

IOS is used by Apple for iPhones, iPod touch and iPad tablets. At the same time, the application software in the App Store has changed from the initial 500 to the recently announced breakthrough of 1 million, covering various fields such as life, entertainment, e-commerce, urban planning, real estate, design, catering, advertising, etc., and is changing people. Lifestyle.

Fuyang Youci Network's Apple APP application development service is targeted at the business application development of iPhone, iPad and other platforms in the IOS environment, and brings various types of mobile application service development such as corporate brand promotion, e-commerce, internal management, and mobile marketing to our customers. .

Android development

Written in JAVA, based on native mode, compatible with all major Android phones

For the current mainstream Android (Android) system, the Fuyang Youci APP development team provides customers with corporate brand promotion, mobile e-commerce, internal management application systems, and various Android APP application development services such as entertainment, games, and life.

Youci was designed by a software architect with ten years of development experience, and developed by a senior engineer. Mature and expansive software architecture design, concise and efficient code writing, comprehensive testing and model adaptation to ensure the stability and high performance of your APP.

WEB APP development

Responsive layout based on HTML5 + CSS3 design

At present, APPs are mainly divided into two development modes: Native APP (native APP) and Web APP. Compared with the native development model, Web APP has many advantages such as cross-platform and device, easier deployment, and lower cost, but its user browsing experience is temporarily It is not yet possible to surpass native applications. Due to their low calling system permissions, there are certain limitations in applications and development.

Youci is based on the design of HTML5 + CSS3 and adopts the most advanced responsive layout method to provide you with mobile marketing APP development and B2C online shopping APP development services.

WeChat platform development

Youci helps customers effectively connect and conduct secondary development of WeChat public accounts with WeChat websites and WeChat malls, thereby turning WeChat platforms into external sales, service, and management platforms.

  • Micro official website
  • WeChat
  • Weimendian
  • Micro member
  • Micro activity
  • Micropayment
  • QR code
  • Micro shopping guide
  • Micro customer service
  • Micro group buying

APP industry customization

Youci provides users in various industries with APP development based on IOS and Android systems. Based on the actual situation and needs of customers, we use unique design concepts and sophisticated professionalism to help different types of enterprises customize the best mobile Internet marketing. And B2C, O2O e-commerce mobile APP development and promotion.

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