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The sea of the Internet is vast, and the words of your friends are navigating. Youci Technology is a big data marketing integrated planning company with integrity and innovation at its core. We provide customers with high-quality Internet operation integrated planning and interactive design services through professional processes and innovative perspectives. A team of high-quality, internationally-focused professional teams, from excellent website application development engineers, senior web designers, and IT professionals.

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Commendation Annual Meeting

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Customer salon

In the first season of August 6, the Friendship Class ended in a dream. Mr. Liu Jiazhen Mr. Liu showed a lot of detailed topics from theory to practical operation on the topics that everyone is most interested in.

Selection and Award of the First Community Festival in Fuyang

Liu Jiazhen was elected "Top Ten Most Influential Community Figures of the Year"

200 cloud servers

With nearly 200 high-end cloud computing servers, Fuyang Telecom's 400GB bandwidth computer room is connected to the CHINANET backbone network

10 years of quality testimony

Since its establishment in 2007, Youci has witnessed 10 years of quality and brand service, and has become synonymous with high-end website construction.

SEO free promotion

Youci provides customers with SEO website optimization and promotion services and operation support for free, saving customers a large amount of promotion costs

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Anhui Agricultural Union agricultural science and technology development has

Winemaker of Fuyang Vocational and Technical College

Tianzhu Group

Jikelai Catering Management in Fuyang City has

Fuyang Real Estate Administration

Fuyang Civil Aviation Bureau

Fuyang Hidden Dragon Peony Ecological Garden

Fuyang Economic and Information Commissioner

Fuyang City Landscape Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
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VR Panorama VR

Fish culture every year

Fast meals

Big bowl of rice

Cover Dragon Ecological Peony Garden

Zhonghui Bailian

Rose Union Business School

Departure RV Club

Howard Johnson Tianzhu Hotel

Award Ceremony of Asian Tattoo Masters Competition
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Team Team

Fuyang Entrepreneur Reading Club Phase I Year of the Monkey builds a marketing e-commerce website, toiling on salesmen! !! Fuyang's First Annual Entrepreneurs' Meeting Emblem Merchants Union is grandly held to help new changes in the era of entrepreneurship

management team

Fuyang Entrepreneurs Reading Club (Second Phase) and Speech Forum Successfully Held Fuyang Entrepreneur Reading Club's Third Session Decryption: Seven Steps to Realize a surge in store online traffic and double sales Fuyang's First Community Festival Selection and Awards Ceremony Held
2016 e-commerce network marketing class ends at Fuyang Administration College The first quarter of Youci Technology's online marketing class successfully concluded

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